Living Together Sustainably

Working in partnership with villagers in Mshiri, Kilimanjaro on sustainable development projects, we aim to raise awareness of environmental issues both locally and globally, create employment and repair environmental damage to the benefit of everyone.

The original objectives of the Tumaini Trust have been met. The purpose was to provide secondary schooling for pupils taught by our founder Kath, as the local secondary school had closed. Through your generous donations and sponsorships, 30 pupils were enabled to study at private boarding schools and a vocational training centre. Some were also assisted through university. A local secondary school has now been open for some years and these fees are affordable for most families. The Trust has now diversified to help to provide small scale sustainable participatory development schemes in the Kilimanjaro region. This area is extremely beautiful and fertile, although there are few jobs. Many villagers leave to find work in the cities. If some employment can be provided locally, villagers would then have a choice of whether to stay or seek work elsewhere.

Our vision is to grow trees from seed and plant them in the Kilimanjaro region in Tanzania to reforest areas which have been destroyed, rejuvenate habitats and help in the fight against climate change. As well as the environmental benefits of planting trees, we hope to secure livelihoods and create employment.

Working with some of Kath’s former pupils and local villagers our tree planting initiative is underway. Villagers from Mshiri are collecting seeds from indigenous trees and growing saplings which are then being planted on common land. Your generous donations allow The Tumaini Trust to pay the market value of each sapling when it is planted in Tanzania.

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Our project will address many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals including:

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