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Living Together Sustainably

Working in partnership with villagers in Mshiri, Kilimanjaro on sustainable development projects, we aim to raise awareness of environmental issues both locally and globally, create employment and repair environmental damage to the benefit of everyone.

Our first objective is a tree planting initiative in Mshiri where villagers grow trees from seed and then plant them in the local region to reforest areas which have been destroyed, rejuvenate habitats and help in the fight against climate change. The Tumaini Trust pays the participants in Mshiri the market value for each sapling grown and planted.

The Tumaini Trust was set up by Kath who has been volunteering in Mshiri for 20 years. We are run entirely by volunteers and rely completely upon the generosity of our supporters to achieve our objectives.

Our vision is to:

  1. Create sustainable livelihoods and employment by planting trees in Kilimanjaro
  2. Encourage the reforestation of areas within Kilimanjaro National Park by removing the need to enter the Park
  3. Rejuvenate habitats
  4. Help in the fight against climate change
  5. Create a community education hub to share ideas and knowledge on environmental issues.
Village Environment Development Group
Joyce and family
Modesta and family

Here is a message from our founder, Kath, explaining more about what we do: https://youtu.be/RnLesFRm0vU

Our project is addressing many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals including:

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The simplest way to donate (for UK donations) is directly to The Tumaini Trust’s bank account. Click here for details.