Anna Shao

Habari! I’m Anna and I live with my grandson Christian who is 5 years old.

I have planted 20 saplings as part of VEDG, not on my land as my shamba is too small, but on land belonging to others as we realise the importance of planting trees to help the local environment. We have noticed a change in our climate as in January we used to have a lot of rain, but we don’t have much now.

VEDG is very important to me. I love spending time with my friends and sharing ideas. The money that I earn from growing and planting the saplings helps me to buy things that Christian needs for school. Being a member of the Group makes me happy and I thank god for the support we receive from Kath and The Tumaini Trust.

From left to right: Anna, Christian, Joanne, Joyce and Eligiva

Joyce Tarimo

From left to right: Anna, Christian, Joanne, Eligiva and Joyce

Hello, I’m Joyce and I am the Chairperson for VEDG. We formed our Group last year to help our environment. We were able to do this as we are supported financially by Kath at The Tumaini Trust in the UK. Our Group meets regularly, and we discuss what we are going to do, and we share ideas. I’m very happy to see my friends as our meetings are social occasions as well.

So far, I have planted 50 saplings in my shamba. I live with my husband and 2 youngest children – my eldest is studying Pharmacy in Dodoma. My children, who are in the photos, are Joanne, who is about to start a course at the College of Livestock and Eligiva, who is at Primary School. I also help to look after my great-nephew Christian, who is 5 years old.

I have planted a variety of trees on my shamba. I know the local names for them. I have planted Meresi, which I can prune for firewood and food for goats and cows. When the trees mature, I will have the option to let them grow or to sell them for timber, if I need to. Before I cut down a tree I need to get permission and also pledge to plant 5 more trees in its place.

I’ve also planted Zambaroo, which is a fruit tree; Helima, which will bear fruit and fodder for animals and Lorianda, which can be pruned for fodder and cut for timber when it matures. I have planted trees to provide shade as well as Cypress trees which can be pruned for firewood.

Eligiva and Christian with Zambaroo sapling
Eligiva, Joanne and Christian with Lorianda sapling
Kath, Eligiva, Joanne and Christian
Joanne, Christian, Anna, Eligiva and Joyce