Our stories

The Tumaini Trust has developed enormously since its inception in 2005. Then, the aim was to provide secondary schooling for 15 of Kath’s former primary school students, whom she taught for 8 months in 2002, as the local government school was not open. Twelve students were sponsored to study for their O’level exams in a private boarding school and a further three attended a local Vocational Training Centre to learn carpentry. The Tumaini Trust continued to assist many of them so that they could sit their A ‘levels and, ultimately, six attended university.

In 2011 the Charity expanded further so that another 15 students, whom Kath had taught for 3 months in 2007, were also sponsored in a private school for 4 years, enabling them to sit their O’level exams.

Now, Kath’s former students are adults, some with children of their own. It has been an enormous pleasure for Kath to return to Tanzania so regularly to meet them and find out how they are realising their dreams. We have great pleasure in providing an update of their progress.

Wema Mosha

Wema has successfully completed her Law degree and is currently gaining practical experience in a Law firm in Himo, not far from Mshiri, her local village. She has to complete a further 1 year course at university to become a fully qualified lawyer. Wema is very capable and has been immensely proactive in forwarding ideas towards the charity’s new, sustainable development goals.

Nelson Mtui

Nelson 1

After completing secondary school, Nelson was also sponsored to enable him to study “Sound-design” at Taasisi ya Sanaa na Utamaduni, Bagamoyo. He has now been living in Dar es Salam for several years. He is employed by Ubongo Kids.Com as a sound engineer and also works as a producer for Irie Productions. He regularly produces and records music which he uploads to Youtube.

Joseph Kimambo

Joseph is now living and working in Dar es Salaam where he has his own business of buying and exporting honey. After being supported by the Tumaini Trust through secondary school, Joseph continued to university and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Cultural Heritage in 2015.

He has been working in Dar es Salaam since 2015, and was initially employed by Vodacom Tanzania as a customer care agent for 2 years. He then became self-employed and started  buying natural honey from the Tabora region in Tanzania. He filters and packs the honey before selling it to his customers. He is a registered with the Ministry of Tourism and Natural Resources in Tanzania.

Joseph will be assisting the Tumaini Trust in due course to assess the viability of producing natural honey in the Kilimanjaro region in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

Walter Mosha

This is Walter whom Kath taught in Mshiri in 2007.


With assistance from The Tumaini Trust, Walter attended the Institute of Rural Development and Planning in Dodoma and completed his degree in Project Planning and Management last year.

Walter is currently seeking work and hopes to study for a Master’s degree eventually. His aim is to engage in some income generating activities such as vegetable production or animal husbandry which would enable him to finance his further studies.

Here are some photos taken at Walter’s graduation ceremony in December 2020:

Jackson Olotu

Jackson successfully completed his university degree and worked for Marangu Hills Secondary School for 6 years, where he taught ICT and business. Jackson told Kath that he was initially successful in obtaining this job as he “stood out” from the other applicants as he had a certificate to show that he had completed a 3 week computer course, which the Tumaini Trust funded.

Jackson’s career has gone from strength to strength and after being promoted to head teacher 2 years ago, he has now secured better paid employment as an economics and maths teacher in Morogoro.

The last couple of years have been very eventful for him as he has also got married to Suzanne, a fellow teacher.


Anenyise Massawe

Anenyise graduated from the University of Dodoma with a degree in Arts and Sociology. She qualified as a social worker and returned to Kilimanjaro. She currently works for an NGO helping vulnerable children and orphans.

Ombeni Kissinger

After completing his studies locally, Ombeni attended the University of Dar es Salaam. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Environmental Studies in 2016.

He continued his studies at the University of Dar es Salaam and began his Masters of Science in Natural Resource Assessment and Management (MSc.NARAM) in October 2017. He has now completed his coursework and is in the final stages of his research proposal. He will shortly conduct some fieldwork and collect data. Ombeni’s area of interest is the Wildlife Migration Corridor in West Kilimanjaro. He hopes to complete his studies in June 2021. 

Ombeni’s studies have been interrupted because he has been working with the Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO). He became an Environment Officer with TANESCO in December 2018 and is hoping to secure a permanent contract when he completes his Masters. He thoroughly enjoys his work and travels extensively within Tanzania, especially to rural areas where he experiences different cultures and traditions.         

Ombeni, together with Wema, are the driving forces behind The Tumaini Trust’s tree planting initiative. They have galvanised support from many villagers who are now growing saplings locally  which will be planted in the surrounding areas.

Ombeni at the Power House of Kihansi Hydropower Plant during an Environmental Audit

Ombeni outside his office

Neema Kimambo

After completing secondary school education I went to Dodoma university to study a degree in Geography and Environmental studies. I also did a post graduate diploma in accounting and finance and afterwards I was employed at an NGO in Moshi town where I currently work. In 2019 I had my first child and she is amazing.

Neema Kimambo