Our People

Kath Jenkins
LL.B (Hons) BSc (Hons) MSc
Trustee and Founder UK


Hello. In 2002 I took a sabbatical from my work as a solicitor and volunteered as a primary school teacher in Mshiri, Kilimanjaro for 8 months. I have been extremely fortunate to have been able to return almost annually since then. I set up The Tumaini Trust in 2005 to sponsor my primary school students through secondary school as at that time no government school was available and private school fees is prohibitive for most.

My time spent in Tanzania has highlighted the disproportionate effect that the climate crisis is having upon developing countries and the impact of poverty and inequality. In order to gain a greater understanding of these issues I have obtained a BSc in International Studies as well as a Masters in Global Governance, where my dissertation compared governmental policy concerning single use plastic in East Africa and the UK.

As The Tumaini Trust has reached its original objectives, we now support sustainable development initiatives in Tanzania. I’m delighted that The Tumaini Trust has huge support from Mshiri village to enable us to work together to shape a more sustainable future.

Charlotte Spear
BA (Hons)
Trustee and Head of Marketing and Communications UK


I am currently an MA student in World Literature at Warwick University, and from September, I will begin my PhD studies into the intersections between human rights frameworks and world literature, also at Warwick University. I have an absolute passion for trying to make the world a better and more equal place for everyone, and I love exploring the theories behind this through my studies, then putting those theories into practice through work outside of my degree. Alongside my work as a trustee and Head of Marketing and Communications for The Tumaini Trust, I also work as a fundraising intern for ESSA (Education Sub-Saharan Africa), and a Community Volunteer Coordinator and MP Correspondent for CAFOD.

Wema Mosha


Legal Lead Tanzania


I first met Kath in 2002 when she was my English teacher at primary school. I  was later sponsored by The Tumaini Trust to do my O’Levels and A’Levels. I am so grateful for that. I then went on to University and studied Law and I am now a lawyer.

I am very happy to be working with Kath and The Tumaini Trust to promote sustainable development and environment protection. The Trust provides us with an opportunity to grow trees from seed and plant them when they are ready. This activity has helped our villagers to get an income and provides an employment opportunity. I believe that economic performance and environmental protection must go hand in hand.

The Tumaini Trust’s idea has come at the right moment as Mount Kilimanjaro has been affected by fire which destroyed trees and has endangered plants and animals in the surrounding area.

Ombeni Kissinger

Coordinator Tanzania


Hello everyone!! My name is Ombeni. I work for Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO) as an Environment Officer. I really appreciate the great work which has been done by Kath through The Tumaini Trust in our home village Mshiri. The Tumaini Trust has made a remarkable contribution in educating young boys and girls who would not have got the chance from our normal education system and am so happy to be one of them.

Our village is located at the foothill of Mount Kilimanjaro where pressure from human activities and climate change has reduced the natural forest cover and increased our vulnerability to climate change. Without serious interventions this could have long term impacts not only on the environment but also on the livelihood of the people in the area.

Through The Tumaini Trust, we have initiated a tree planting programme with a specific target of replanting trees in all sensitive area including the riparian and open areas around the Mountain and in the village. This has been done by selecting indigenous trees and non – indigenous species to some areas. I am part of this team. I use some of my free time to share my knowledge and experience on environmental issues with the villagers in this campaign.        

Through support from The Tumaini Trust, we are looking forward to ensuring our village remains green to improve the livelihood of our villagers.

Thank you. 

Anna Shao

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Joyce Tarimo

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Huw Jenkins
Trustee and Fundraiser UK

Wema, Huw and Ombeni

Hi. I am an accountant, working for the BBC in Cardiff.
I also have many years’ experience working in the voluntary sector.
I have been very lucky to visit Tanzania, with Kath, on a number of occasions, and it is always a pleasure to return to Mshiri to see our friends.
I am delighted to continue working with the Tumaini Trust in its support for sustainable development in Tanzania.

Nelson Mtui

Media Design Tanzania

Hello everyone! My name is Geofrey Nelson Mtui (Nelly GM) and I was one of Kath’s students in 2002. Kath later enabled me to get scholarships for high school and college through The Tumaini Trust. I am currently a Sound Engineer and Creativity specialist in various aids. I am very happy to be working with my colleagues in this tree planting project and to educate the community on the importance of caring for the environment, especially around Mount Kilimanjaro. My favourite things are music, swimming, travel and football.