Christmas Gifts

Christmas gift ideas from The Tumaini Trust

Struggling to find that perfect environmentally friendly Christmas gift? Well, we may be able to help….

We’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of two Christmas gifts – our “Sponsor a tree” campaign and “Twelve trees of Christmas” initiative

Our “Sponsor a tree” campaign will enable a tree to be planted in Tanzania and regular updates sent to the recipient – for just £25!


Your recipient will receive a message from the person who will grow the tree and a photo of the seed being planted. Some months later, a photo of the sapling being planted in Kilimanjaro will be sent as well as two further updates 6 months apart.

Our “Twelve trees of Christmas” campaign will fund 12 trees which will be planted in Kilimanjaro – for just £12!


We will send you an electronic message from The Tumaini Trust for you to send out as a gift, thanking your gift recipient for the 12 trees which will be planted on their behalf. The saplings will be grown from seed and planted in Kilimanjaro. The planter will receive the market rate for the cost of growing the saplings and planting them.

At The Tumaini Trust, our vision is to grow trees from seed and plant them in the Kilimanjaro region in Tanzania to reforest areas which have been destroyed, rejuvenate habitats and help in the fight against climate change. As well as the environmental benefits of planting trees, we hope to secure livelihoods and create employment.

The ‘not so small’ print (Sponsor a tree):
We will need the recipient’s email address for the purposes of sending messages, photos and updates.       

Here are the online payment instructions. (If you would prefer to make a bank transfer, please send us a message here)

Sponsor a tree and Twelve trees of Christmas

Donate through Give as you Live Donate

Click on the Donate button above, then follow each of these steps carefully…

  • Step 1
    Please enter £25 or £12 (you will need to type this in)

  • Step 2
    Choose Monthly or Single donation

  • Step 3
    Please complete all fields in this form. NB: we will need the recipient’s e-mail address for ‘Sponsor a Tree’.

  • Step 4
    Select whether to add Gift Aid and complete the Declaration if applicable

  • Step 5
    Review your donation

  • Step 6
    Enter your billing information and Make Donation!